Sport and entertainment are powerful marketing and sales tools that harness the passion of millions of fans around the world including South Africa. SAIL is one of the leading sport and entertainment rights commercialization companies in South Africa. SAIL have long standing working relationships with a vast number of major sport and corporate brands, rights holders, broadcasters, cities as well as government institutions, thus making us major role players in the industry. Our comprehensive set of service offerings are positioned to assist Corporates, Sport Federations, Professional Sport Teams and Athletes, Stadium Owners, Event Promoters, Supporters, and many others. Our aim is to assist clients in the implementation of strategy development, brand exposure, and consumer engagement, by selling and managing sponsorships, static and digital advertising, hospitality and licensed merchandising.


BEE Credentials / Level 3

SAIL Rights Commercialisation (Pty) Ltd is committed to Broad-based black economic empowerment initiatives. This is managed in house with the assistance of BEE consultants. SAIL embarks on a number of initiatives to ensure compliance with the BB-BEE codes of good practice. SAIL is currently a level 3 contributor with a procurement recognition level of 110%. SAIL focuses on entrenching empowerment on a more sustainable platform to ensure effective participation of black people in terms of ownership, control and skilled occupations. Our strategy is broad-based and we focus on all seven pillars.


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